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November 2019

  • Exchange your capital losses for income tax relief

    If you put money into a company which fails, the Taxman might provide some compensation in the form of tax relief. However, this depends on the timing and form of your investment. What conditions must be met to qualify?

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  • Salary sacrifice of a different kind

    Tax rules no longer allow you to save tax by agreeing salary sacrifice arrangements with your employees. However, similar arrangements can reduce the cost of paying contractors. How can you take advantage?

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  • Dodging the VAT block on cars

    HMRC takes a very tough line when enforcing the rules which prevent businesses reclaiming VAT paid on car purchases. So how was one company able to get around them and could you do the same?

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  • Tax claims - how long is too long?

    There are strict time limits for claiming tax reliefs and allowances through your tax returns. So if you discover you overlooked a claim after the deadline has passed, what steps can you take to remedy the situation?

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  • Shift a little (income) to save a lot of tax

    HMRC has special rules for taxing married couples and civil partners. One of them provides a simple way to reduce your joint tax bill. How does it work and what steps are required to put it into action?

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