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October 2019

  • Tax-efficient ways to use dividends and directors’ loans

    As a director shareholder if you owe your company money and it isn’t repaid within HMRC’s time limit it can trigger a hefty tax bill. How can you use dividends in the most tax-efficient way to avoid the tax?

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  • PAYE tax codes - what’s in and what’s out?

    Tax codes are often used by HMRC as a back door to collect tax earlier than it would through self-assessment. However, there are limits to this tactic. How can you ensure that HMRC doesn’t overstep the mark?

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  • When is a repair not a repair and why does it matter?

    HMRC categorises expenses as capital or revenue. The difference is timing and possibly the amount of tax relief you’re entitled to. Determining the category which an expense falls into is a grey area. What steps can you take to achieve the most tax-efficient result?

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  • VAT - dividing a business

    There can be good commercial reasons for dividing a business. The trouble is that where it affects the obligation to register for VAT HMRC may cry foul. What arguments can you use to defend against this?

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  • Property investors - reduce your capital gains tax bills

    Capital gains made from the sale of residential properties are taxed at a higher rate than other gains. This is bad news if you’re a buy-to-let property investor, but there is a way you can improve the situation. What does it involve?

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