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September 2019

  • Pool cars - get the small print right or pay the tax consequences

    Company cars count as taxable perks whether or not you use them for private travel. Shared cars are an exception. What restrictions and conditions for use are required to achieve tax-free status?

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  • Dodging the tax bill on a director’s loan

    When a director shareholder owes their company money which isn’t repaid in a relatively short time, a corporation tax charge is triggered. How can the tax bill be delayed or avoided altogether?

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  • Escaping the CIS penalty trap

    If your business is directly or indirectly involved in the construction industry you might be required to register for HMRC’s construction industry scheme. If you overlook registration or are late you face a stiff fine. In what circumstances might HMRC let you off the hook?

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  • A CGT break for joint property owners

    If you own two or more properties jointly but have decided you want to rationalise ownership so you can go your separate ways, each of you might face a capital gains tax bill. How can you make use of a special tax relief to reduce or prevent it?

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  • Home offices and VAT when you sell your house

    If your business reclaimed VAT on the costs of converting a room in your house to an office what happens when you sell the property? Will HMRC demand some of the VAT back?

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