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June 2019

  • Join the club and get tax relief

    Business clubs act as a good excuse to get together over a beer or glass of wine, and of course discuss important business questions. But can you claim a tax deduction for the cost of attending these club meetings?

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  • Demystifying the rules for compensating employees

    If you ask an employee to relocate and financially compensate them for their trouble, there can be significant tax and NI implications. Is it still possible to pay employees a lump sum tax and NI free?

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  • Life insurance and the hidden tax charge

    You and your fellow directors have taken out life insurance to protect yourselves financially should the worst happen to one of you. However, you could be caught by the little understood pre-owned assets charge. How can you avoid this trap?

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  • Decorating your workplace in style - can you reclaim the VAT?

    You’re sprucing up the general areas of your business premises including installing some fancy art. Your bookkeeper is unsure whether or not they can reclaim the VAT paid on the artworks. Should you tell them yes or no?

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  • If the company pays, how much will it cost you?

    From time to time your company pays one or two small personal bills so you don’t give it much thought. You now want go a step further and get the company pay a bill for member of your family. What’s the most tax-efficient way to handle it?

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