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April 2019

  • VAT delaying tactics

    Most businesses must follow the general rules which say when they must account for VAT, but if you’re in the construction business special rules can apply. When can you take advantage of them?

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  • Dodging the car fuel benefit

    The rules for the car fuel benefit charge create a cliff-edge tax charge. Just £1 worth of fuel paid for by an employer can land you with a tax bill that runs into thousands. How can you dodge this trap?

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  • IHT and the family business

    Business property relief can make a huge difference to how much your family receives from your estate. However, if you sell your business you lose the relief. The good news is that there are ways to preserve it. What are they?

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  • Ticking the right boxes for ER

    When you sell your company, entrepreneurs’ relief guarantees you a maximum 10% tax rate on any capital gains you make. The trouble is, giving up your role in the business can lose you the relief. What steps can you take to prevent this?

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  • Capital allowance planning when incorporating your business

    There are potentially significant tax and NI savings to be made by incorporating your business. This includes a one-off planning opportunity when you buy equipment. How can you maximise your tax deductions?

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