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November 2018

  • Tax-free payments for using personally-owned IT

    Where a director or employee works away from the office they might use personally owned IT such as computers and printers. How much, tax and NI free, can you pay them to cover wear and tear?

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  • Business cars - maximising the tax relief

    Special rules apply to capital allowance tax deductions for cars, which are far less generous than for other types of machinery or equipment used in your business. The good news is that there are tax breaks which can greatly improve the position. What are they?

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  • Cheer your team on with a little help from HMRC

    The cost of helping the local sports club or providing your child’s school soccer club with new kit comes at a price. But is there a VAT advantage to using your company’s money to do it?

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  • Saving tax when the value of an estate falls

    If you’re an executor responsible for sorting out an estate there’s a lot to think about and do. One thing you need to keep your eye on is a falling investment market. This could mean the estate is entitled to a refund of inheritance tax. Why and how is it achieved?


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  • How to delay and reduce a CGT bill

    Cashing in an investment with a view to replacing it with a better performing one is a sound plan. The trouble is you might lose some of your reinvestment in capital gains tax. This might be avoidable, but how?

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