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June 2018

  • When should you take perks instead of dividends?

    As a rule of thumb, dividends are the most tax and NI-efficient method of taking income from your company. But there are sometimes better alternatives. What are they and when can you use them?

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  • Avoid EIS overkill

    You intend to invest in an enterprise investment scheme to defer a tax bill on capital gains you made last year. How much should you put in to ensure maximum tax efficiency?

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  • Tax savings using the "family bank"

    Raising money for your business can be difficult these days. If your spouse or partner has the cash and is willing to lend it, that helps. But for tax purposes is it better for you or your business to borrow from them?

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  • Business owners - use a trust to save IHT

    Trusts have a reputation for being linked to unfair tax avoidance, but they can play a legitimate role in estate and inheritance tax planning. They can be especially worthwhile for business owners. Could a simple trust help preserve more of your estate for your family?

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  • Transferring a going concern - when doesn’t VAT apply?

    VAT can play a very important role when negotiating the transfer of a business. Get it wrong and it could land you in hot water with HMRC. What steps can you take to avoid this?

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