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May 2018

  • Insurance claims and disputed expenses

    Where you receive an insurance payout for damaged goods or equipment, you may have costs related to your claim which aren’t paid. Are you entitled to a tax deduction for these?

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  • Tax-free use of company equipment

    If you pay for equipment which you use for your business, you can claim a tax deduction, but your claim is reduced for any private use. Alternatively, your company could pay, but what’s the tax position if you use the equipment for private purposes?

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  • IHT and CGT - avoiding damage when two taxes collide

    Inheritance tax and capital gains tax planning can work against each other and even result in double taxation. How can you dodge this trap?

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  • Reclaiming VAT on a director’s domestic expenses

    VAT claims for domestic expenses can be tricky and more so for directors as special anti-avoidance rules apply. However, a change in the law several years ago which affects the position is often overlooked. What is it and how can you make it work to your advantage?

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  • Tax-efficient business funding with personal borrowing

    You are arranging a personal loan to help give your new company some much needed cash flow. The interest rate offered by the lender is fairly steep because it considers the borrowing high risk, so it’s vital you obtain tax relief for it. What steps can you take to ensure this?

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