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October 2017

  • Legitimate ways to dodge a self-assessment penalty

    Submitting your self-assessment tax return late automatically triggers a penalty. But if you don’t have all the data you need to complete the return by the deadline how can you avoid being fined?

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  • When does a house become a residence?

    HMRC doesn’t consider all homes to qualify for capital gains tax private residence relief. If you move into in a property which you previously let, what steps can you take to increase your chances of qualifying for relief?

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  • Pool cars - avoid basic errors

    Pooled company cars are tax and NI free for the employees who drive them. However, HMRC closely scrutinises any claim for pool car treatment. What key conditions should you impose on the use of a car to keep on the right side of HMRC?

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  • The pre-registration app trap

    The VAT position on software is tricky as it can count as either goods or services depending on how it’s supplied. This can affect your right to reclaim VAT paid on the cost of apps bought for your business before it was registered for VAT. How can you ensure you don’t miss out?

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  • Maximising relief for company capital losses

    If your company makes a capital loss it can be used to reduce tax on gains it makes subsequently, but that might be years later. How might you be able to make use of the losses sooner?

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