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August 2017

  • Do two directorships mean double the NI?

    If you’re a serial entrepreneur you might have two or more directorships, each of which pay a salary. This sometimes results in excessive NI charges. Is there a legitimate way to dodge this?

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  • Avoiding the tax rent trap

    If you let a property to your business it might have to pay stamp duty land tax or land and buildings transaction tax on the rent. What steps can you take to avoid this?

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  • Chop and change jointly owned assets to save tax

    Married couples and civil partners can make a simple election to reduce tax on income from jointly owned assets. The trouble is a change of circumstances could result in higher tax bills, but the rules prevent withdrawing the election. How can you rescue the situation?

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  • Minimising VAT on personal use of company assets

    If your business transfers equipment to you, VAT will have to be paid. Can you achieve the same result but with less VAT?

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  • Avoiding the "salary" label

    It’s common for inspectors to argue that where a director uses the company account to pay a personal bill, it counts as salary. How can you disprove this argument and save money in the process?

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