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June 2017

  • The returnable gift

    To reduce your estate for inheritance tax (IHT) purpose you’ll have to give away some of your wealth, but that might leave you financially vulnerable. Is there a way to give away your money to reduce potential IHT, but keep access to it?

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  • Maximising VAT recovery on motoring costs

    It’s not well known, but employers can reclaim VAT on more than just the fuel element of the mileage allowances paid to their workers. What’s involved?

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  • Making a tax-free golden handshake

    Contrary to popular belief golden handshakes are taxable and usually subject to NI. The good news is there’s an alternative way to reward a retiring director or employee that can cut the tax bill dramatically. What is it?

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  • Avoiding company tax on directors' loans

    HMRC is particularly hot on directors borrowing their company’s money indefinitely and so imposes tough anti-avoidance rules. How can you ensure that you don’t fall foul of these?

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  • How to train young workers tax efficiently

    Paying for youngsters to spend time at training centres is a necessary evil for many businesses. But there is a way to do it tax efficiently and so lower the cost. How is it done?

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