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April 2017

  • Overturning HMRC’s estimates

    If HMRC finds a mistake in one year’s accounts it usually issues estimated demands for back years on the assumption the mistake affected those too. How can you overturn HMRC’s assessments?

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  • VAT recovery on rented premises

    Unless your landlord has opted to tax the property they won’t charge you VAT on the rent. The trouble is you’ll end up paying it indirectly on expenses they pass on to you. What steps can you take to reclaim it?

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  • Capital allowances for free

    While it might seem odd for HMRC to be generous, there are situations in which it allows you to claim a tax deduction where you haven’t incurred an expense. When might this apply?

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  • A generous tax break for using derelict land

    The government wants businesses to bring derelict and contaminated land into use and it’s willing to pay you for it by offering a generous tax break. What’s it worth and how can you claim it?

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  • NI-free termination still possible

    New tax and NI rules for employment termination payments tax effect from 6 April 2018. Until then you can still pay an unlimited termination payment free of NI. In what circumstances can you take advantage?

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