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March 2017

  • Doubly tax-efficient gifts

    Reducing your estate for IHT purposes usually means making gifts to those who would benefit when you die. But did you know there’s one type of gift which comes with an extra advantage. What is it?

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  • Get the most from a tax-free loan

    There are tough rules to prevent directors overusing loans from their companies. However, it’s possible to have tax-free personal use of your company’s money for up to 21 months. How is it done?

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  • Recovering more VAT on IT equipment

    Usually if you buy equipment which is used for private as well as business purposes HMRC expects you to scale down the amount of VAT you reclaim. How can you ensure you maximise your claim?

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  • Avoiding tax when unwinding your company

    You want to unwind your company and take over its business personally. How can you do this without triggering a tax charge?

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  • Save tax on a home in the sun

    If your company buys a property which you use as a holiday home it can trigger some hefty tax bills. What steps can you take to minimise these?

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