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May 2016

  • Paying employees a little extra

    Usually when you pay an employee a little extra HMRC expects you to account for PAYE tax and NI. But can you dodge these where the work you’re paying for isn’t part of your employee’s regular duties?

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  • Waiving a director’s loan

    A director shareholder has built up a sizeable deficit on his loan account. You could pay him a dividend to clear it, but is waiving the loan a more tax and NI-efficient alternative? 

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  • Why change ownership of your company car?

    As cars age they become less efficient. But it’s not just the miles per gallon figure that is affected, company cars are less tax efficient too. Could transferring ownership save you and your business tax?

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  • Changing property prices and IHT

    As the executor of an estate you’re responsible for making sure that it pays the right amount of tax. This can be tricky if the estate includes a property which takes a while to sell. How can you minimise the IHT payable on it?

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  • Is VAT always payable on employee benefits?

    Providing your staff with perks can land you with an unexpected VAT liability. What steps can you take to avoid this?

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