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April 2016

  • VAT and business trips

    Sales trips can be costly. Apart from the travel and hotel there’s the cost of wining and dining customers. Recovering the VAT on these will reduce the cost, but how can you maximise your claim?

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  • Put your children to work tax free!

    As any parent knows, kids are expensive. Can adding them to your company’s payroll help reduce the cost?  

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  • IHT and the long view of gifts

    It’s well known that gifts you make to someone else cease to be part of your estate for IHT purposes after seven years, but actually in some situations it can be 14 years. When does this rule apply and how can you avoid getting caught by it?

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  • New business equals new opportunity for tax deductions

    Getting tax relief for certain types of expenses when you’re in business can be tricky at times. It gets even trickier if you haven’t even started to trade. How can you ensure that you don’t lose out on tax deductions?

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  • Avoiding PAYE penalties the easy way

    If you’re late with your PAYE tax and NI bill HMRC can charge a penalty of up to 14% of the amount you owe. What simple steps can you take to reduce or avoid a charge even if you pay late?

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