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March 2016

  • EIS tax relief goes back and forth

    You can use a single payment to an enterprise investment scheme to reduce your tax bills for both earlier and future years. How’s it done?

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  • Capital allowances on the house!

    Pub and restaurant chains are often found fighting HMRC through the courts over what expenditure does or doesn’t qualify for capital allowances. How can the precedents set by these cases help your business save tax?

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  • Going on a VAT-saving trip

    Business trips aren’t always the jolly they are cracked up to be. What’s more they can cost your company a great deal. How can you ease the pain by maximising the VAT you reclaim on expenses?

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  • Family heirlooms and IHT

    You’ve recently discovered that the vase you inherited from your aunt has more than sentimental value. This wasn’t realised when her estate was valued. Do you have to come clean with HMRC or can you dodge the extra IHT?    

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  • A winning tax exemption for medals

    The 2016 summer Olympic Games isn’t far away. You might not stand a chance of winning a medal, but collecting and selling old ones can earn you tax-free rewards. When can you take advantage of this tax break?

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