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January 2016

  • Get the employment status basics right

    In a dispute over employment status HMRC will first look for certain key terms and conditions. If you want to avoid a worker being categorised as an employee, what sort of pay arrangements should you avoid?

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  • IHT annual planning tips

    There are a few inheritance tax exemptions on offer which if you don’t use will be lost forever. How can you take advantage of them?

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  • Tax-efficient extras for company cars

    If you have a company car, the tax on it depends on its list price including extras. That means choosing a superior audio system could cost you more. Is there a more tax-efficient way to get the extras you want? 

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  • Is there a tax advantage to directors’ fees?

    Paying your spouse or partner from your business can reduce its tax bills, but HMRC will expect them to work for their money or it will challenge the arrangement. How can paying directors’ fees help you win the argument?

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  • Avoiding VAT on property rental deposits

    While VAT isn’t usually payable on rental deposits, a charge could arise if your business makes exempt supplies. What steps can you take to stop this happening?

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