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December 2015

  • BPR trouble for cash rich companies

    A special tax break means that the value of your business will usually escape inheritance tax (IHT), but not if it holds too much cash. How can you improve your chances of qualifying for IHT relief?

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  • Are car accessories a benefit in kind?

    Tax on company cars is worked out using a set formula which includes the list price plus extras. However, some extras can be excluded. What are they?

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  • Tax and risky start-ups

    Most start-ups have some risk involved, but if you’re fairly sure a business will show losses at first, what’s the most tax-efficient vehicle for it - company, partnership or sole trader?

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  • Getting the tax adjudicator involved

    Making a complaint to HMRC can be like banging your head against a wall. The tax adjudicator has the authority to resolve the matter. But what steps do you need to take before you can ask for an intervention?  

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  • Sponsorship and VAT - what’s the deal?

    Sponsoring a local organisation can be costly but worthwhile for your business. How can you reduce the outlay by maximising VAT recovery?

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