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November 2015

  • Tax-free savings for children

    There are two schemes which parents can use to build up tax-free savings for their children, but there are limits. How can you maximise the investment allowed?

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  • Can you avoid company car tax?

    Two directors attempted to dodge tax on their company cars by owning them through a partnership. The arrangement failed, but with a few changes it might have worked. Could an improved version of the scheme work for you?

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  • Charitable gifts can reduce IHT

    Since April 2012 a reduced rate of inheritance tax applies to estates which include gifts to charity. What steps should you take to ensure that your estate will benefit?

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  • Extra VAT savings with the flat rate scheme

    Small businesses can reduce their VAT bill by using the flat rate scheme, but some are missing out on extra savings where they make mixed use purchases. What are they doing wrong?

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  • Claim extra tax allowances for buildings while they last

    If you bring a disused building back into use for your business you can claim the extra tax allowances, but only until April 2017. What conditions must you meet to take advantage of this tax break?

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