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September 2015

  • Tax-efficient termination

    Making an employee redundant can be expensive, but reducing the tax and NI payable on termination payments can improve the situation. How can you minimise the tax and NI liability?

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  • Entrepreneurs’ relief in pieces

    Selling off your business piecemeal can mean losing out on entrepreneurs’ relief. How can you structure a sale to avoid this happening?    

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  • Companies - looking at the big (tax) picture

    Dividends are usually the most tax-efficient option when drawing income from your company, but if you’re planning an exit from the business is there a better alternative?

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  • VAT - whose liability is it?

    Where you’re involved in a project with other firms, establishing if your status is as an agent or principal for VAT purposes is essential or you might land yourself with unexpected costs. What are the key factors you should consider?

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  • Planning a tax-efficient seed investment

    The seed enterprise investment scheme offers generous tax breaks for those putting money into new companies. What extra steps can you take to improve these tax advantages?

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