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March 2015

  • Company van equals low tax

    Company car tax rises significantly year on year unless you’re prepared to drive a zero or ultra-low emissions vehicle. By comparison, the tax on vans is relatively low. Is it possible to get all the comforts of a car at the tax cost of a van?

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  • Discretionary tax breaks

    Once upon a time discretionary will trusts were all the rage, but changes to the inheritance tax rules mean they’ve fallen out of favour. Should you change your will to do away with a trust or might it still offer a tax advantage?

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  • A successful tax loss

    If you’re unlucky enough to lose your money on a business that goes under, the tax system offers some consolation. What’s involved in taking advantage of HMRC’s largesse?

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  • Minimising VAT on supplies to employees

    Providing benefits or paying expenses to employees can land you with unexpected VAT bills. What steps can you take to legitimately avoid them?

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  • Repairs or improvements, why does it matter?

    The line between a repair or an improvement to your property can be the difference between getting a tax deduction or not. How can you ensure you end up on the right side?

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