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December 2014

  • Don't lose out when deregistering for VAT

    Where your business deregisters it can trigger hidden VAT charges. What are they and what steps can you take to avoid them?

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  • Cutting the cost of casual workers

    Where you employ a casual worker and agree their rate of pay net of deductions you might be letting yourself in for more than you bargained for. What’s the problem and how can you resolve it?

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  • Must all company interest payments be taxed at source?

    When a company pays interest to individuals, for example on a director’s loan account in credit, it usually has to deduct tax at source. Are there ways to legitimately sidestep this and pay the interest gross?

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  • Bonds shifting to save tax

    Investment bonds offer a way to defer tax on investment income. The trouble is that cashing them in can land you with an inflated tax bill. There’s a special adjustment that can reduce this, but could you do better with some last minute planning?

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  • Tax-efficient giving for companies

    Companies can claim corporation tax relief for charitable donations, but it’s given in a different way to normal trading expenses. This means that in a tax year where losses are made no relief is usually allowed. What can you do to preserve it?

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