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June 2014

  • Maximising tax relief for company losses

    When a company closes its door for the last time having made trading losses, tax relief for these might be lost. However, might there be a way to squeeze some value from them?

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  • Making use of a PSA

    Usually, where your company provides benefits to directors or employees they’ll pay the tax on these. But are there advantages to HMRC’s scheme which allows your company to settle the tax bills directly?

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  • Tax-free cash profits

    Like other taxes, capital gains tax includes exemptions. How can you take full advantage of these where you invest in valuable coins or currency?

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  • VAT - Don't get caught by accruals

    If you’re using HMRC’s VAT cash basis to work out the amount your company has to pay, there’s an extra risk where the Taxman comes to check your records. How can you make sure you don’t get caught out?

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  • Cutting the tax bill when selling the family business

    Entrepreneurs’ relief can cut the tax rate on gains from selling your company to just 10%. But how can you make the most of this generous tax rate when you sell the family business?

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