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March 2014

  • Correcting VAT errors the right way

    There are two methods of correcting VAT errors, but using one of them can result in double accounting. What steps do you need to take to avoid this happening?

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  • Using a bonus to save tax

    Usually, taking a dividend is more tax efficient than extra salary or a bonus. But you could be missing a trick. When should you consider a bonus instead?

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  • Employee benefits - avoiding a tax trap

    Where you give your employees equipment no longer needed by your business, e.g. office furniture, there’s a modest tax charge for them and an NI one for your company. But HMRC can increase this dramatically. How can you avoid getting caught in the trap?

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  • Providing for your children tax efficiently

    If you’re drawing up your will you’ll want to set aside money for your spouse and children. You’ll also want to prevent HMRC from taking a bite out of what you leave. What’s the best way to go about this?

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  • Loss relief for joint ventures

    Starting a project for a new product or service is always risky and may result in losses at first. How can you ensure that your company receives the tax deduction it’s entitled to?

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