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November 2013

  • Avoiding P11D penalties retrospectively

    The deadline for submitting 2012/13 P11Ds was back in July. If you missed it you could be facing stiff penalties, but there might still be time to avoid them. How is it done?

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  • A tax-free company perk

    Your business is offered a gift from a supplier for buying in bulk, but it’s surplus to your company’s needs. If you take it for yourself you’ll have to pay tax on its value. How can you rearrange the deal to avoid it?

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  • VAT repayments - no UK sales, no problem!

    Where you only make sales to overseas customers which are outside the scope of VAT, there’s no need to register. But will HMRC allow you to just reclaim VAT paid on purchases? 

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  • Capital allowances - how soon can you claim them?

    The rules on when you can claim capital allowances are tricky to follow. If you mis-time a transaction, even by a day, you may have to wait an extra year for tax relief. How can you time your purchases for maximum tax efficiency?

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