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June 2013

  • Split the bill to save VAT

    The rules say that you can't reclaim VAT on the cost of entertaining your customers etc. But in some situations a claim is allowed for associated costs. When does this apply?

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  • Tax breaks for tying the knot

    Saving tax by itself might not be a good reason to get hitched, but there's no point in missing out when you do. What tax planning moves should you be discussing with your intended?

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  • Convert bright ideas into tax-efficient income

    If you come up with a new idea, say a product design or manufacturing process, you could sell the rights for it to your company. But if you do, what's the most tax-efficient way to take your money?

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  • Learning to save tax is easy

    Encouraging your staff to undertake training can improve your business in the long run. And in the short term it can be linked with a tax-saving scheme to reduce your wages bill. How does this work?

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  • Capital allowances - timing is everything!

    When your business buys equipment it can claim a tax deduction for the cost. But is claiming this straightaway always the best option?

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