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May 2013

  • Accommodating employees tax efficiently

    You're looking to take on a graduate, but the cream of the crop usually goes to large companies with the biggest cheque books. How can the tax system to help you attract the best talent?

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  • Deferring VAT on sales

    There are strict rules on when you must account to HMRC for VAT you charge on sales. But in some situations they can be stretched a little. When does this apply?

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  • Transferring an IHT advantage

    Married couples can transfer their Inheritance Tax nil-rate bands between each other, but you'll have to convince HMRC that you qualify. What proof does it require?

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  • Cashing in on stock market gains

    The stock market is currently in bullish form, but how can you bank your current and future gains tax-free?

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  • Sponsorship and tax deductions

    Gifts to promote your company are tax deductible only in limited situations. On the other hand, sponsorship can be both commercially savvy and tax friendly as long as you follow a few simple rules - what's involved?

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