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April 2013

  • Exchange unwanted belongings for a tax refund

    HMRC offers a tax break for those who donate to charity, but there will still be a net cost to you.  However, you can to convert unwanted items into a real tax benefit with the minimum of effort. How is it done?

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  • Defer a gain and reduce your tax

    You can defer tax payable on capital gains by investing in certain types of company. But how can you turn this timing advantage into a real tax saving?

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  • Make the most of your IHT nil-rate band

    Leaving your estate to your spouse is standard practice, but this doesn't always make the best use of the Inheritance Tax nil-rate band, especially now that it's been frozen until 2018. How do you retrospectively change the terms of a will to take this into account?

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  • Wide scope for reclaiming VAT

    Tight rules apply to reclaiming VAT on business costs. But, contrary to popular belief, businesses can reclaim VAT paid on expenses incurred by employees and directors. How does this work?

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  • Bad debt equals good tax deduction

    In these difficult times bad debts are a big problem.  If you don't keep a watchful eye on them your company might be paying Corporation Tax on income it will never receive. How can you formulate your claim for a tax deduction for maximum advantage?

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