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March 2013

  • Maximising tax deductions for your company vehicle

    The line between what counts as a car and a van can be a little fuzzy these days. Why is this important to your business if you want to maximise its tax deductions?

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  • When can you discount a gift to save IHT

    Discounted gift schemes can reduce the IHT your estate will have to pay and so increase the money going to your beneficiaries. But these schemes aren't suitable for everyone. How can you make sure they'll work for you?

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  • Saving VAT and SDLT on property deals

    In some situations where you're buying or selling a commercial property that's subject to VAT you can avoid having to account to HMRC for this. As a buyer this might reduce the SDLT you pay or improve your cash flow. And as the seller it can make your property more attractive to buyers. What's involved?

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  • Tax-efficient lunch on the road

    If you employ staff who are on the road most of the time, you could reimburse them the cost of their meals while they're out and about. Alternatively, you could pay them a tax and NI-free allowance in exchange for them taking a little less in pay. This will leave you both better off. How does this work?

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  • Choosing when to claim a capital loss

    Where you own shares in a company, whether it's a plc or a family run business, and it hits hard times, these might have little or no value. In this case you can claim a loss against any capital gains you've made. But can you allocate it to whichever year you like?

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