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November 2012

  • Inheritance Tax relief for badly performing shares

    The shares you're about to inherit from your parents are now worth less than when they died. The silver lining is that you might be able to get back some of the Inheritance Tax paid on their estate. How does this work?

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  • Reclaiming VAT on household costs

    The cost of running your home seems to be increasing by the day; however, if you work from home, full or part-time, you can at least reclaim some of the VAT on this. But
    how much?

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  • Rewarding employees with shares

    There are plenty of ways you can reward your workers other than increasing their salaries. One option is to offer them shares in your company - an EMI scheme might be the answer, but what are the advantages to this?

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  • Making a tax-efficient business loan

    Lending money to a son or daughter to help them get their business started might seem like a natural thing to do. But if you need to borrow to do this, how should you arrange the loan to ensure you get tax relief on any interest you pay?

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  • An option to buy a tax break

    If you're looking for a dynamic investment and don't mind some risk, you could become a business angel and buy into someone else's company. Including a share buy-back option can make the deal even more attractive, especially from a tax perspective.

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