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October 2012

  • Reducing your company's tax bill using personal losses

    The idea you had to make a little extra cash turned out not to be the success you had hoped for. In fact it's left you out of pocket. It's too late to claim a deduction for these losses against your other income. Can your company claim the tax relief instead?

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  • The tax advantage of barter deals

    Cash, cheque and credit aren't the only ways to pay. Have you considered barter deals? Not only can they improve your business's cash flow they can potentially save you tax.

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  • VAT compensation

    Sometimes things don't go as planned, even in the best run business. If this means having to compensate a customer how can you get the Taxman to contribute to this cost?

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  • Tax-free mileage allowances for contractors

    Tax and NI-free Authorised Mileage Allowance Payments (AMAPs) can be paid to cover the cost of employees' business travel. They can also be paid to freelance contractors who work for you.  How can you profit from this arrangement?

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  • Accelerating tax deductions for cars

    It can now take decades for your business to obtain tax relief for the cars it buys. But in some instances you can speed things up. How does this work?

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