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September 2012

  • Shuffling assets to save IHT

    Not all assets are the same when it comes to Inheritance Tax. Some qualify for special reliefs while others don't. What steps can you take to swap the taxable for the non-taxable?

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  • Dressed to make a tax killing

    Having your sales team kitted out smartly might improve their chances of making a sale. You could supply them with clothes to match your company's image, but you'll need to choose these carefully if you want them to avoid a tax charge.

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  • VAT no paperwork - no problem

    Usually the Taxman is a stickler for paperwork and won't allow you to claim a penny in VAT without an invoice or receipt to back it up, but there are exceptions. If you're not aware of these you might be missing out.

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  • Avoiding the home phone tax trap

    A company paid-for home phone can count as a taxable benefit-in-kind for employees and in turn trigger an NI bill for the employer. How can you supply a phone, but dodge the tax and NI?

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  • Profit tax-free from personal assets

    Flogging off the family silver or other valuable assets might land you with a Capital Gains Tax bill. But choose the right items to sell and follow a few simple rules and you can walk away with the profit scot-free.

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