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July 2012

  • Regular generosity can save tax

    Inheritance Tax planning is all about reducing the value of your estate. The trouble is transferring wealth to your family isn't a simple matter of making gifts as you'll usually have to wait seven years before they're exempt. But did you know some gifts, no matter how valuable, are exempt straightaway?

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  • Promoting your business tax efficiently

    The Taxman allows you to reclaim the VAT paid on the cost of promoting your business. But will he change his mind where this amounts to sponsoring your favorite sporting event or hobby?

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  • Tax relief for your birthday gift

    It's nice to receive gifts, and even better if you can claim a tax deduction for them. The Taxman says you can as long as you use them in your business. But as they cost you nothing, how much can you claim?

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  • Giving the right answers to the Taxman

    The Taxman is suspicious by nature and if he's asking a question about your tax return you'll need to carefully consider your reply. You must tell the truth, but how you tell it can make the difference between him giving you the all clear and starting a full investigation. What's the right thing to say?

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  • Have a glass of wine on the Taxman

    Business trips can be hard work, and at the end of a long day of meetings you return to your hotel to relax over dinner and a glass or two of wine. If you want a tax deduction for the cost of this, must you stick to the house white or can you push the Taxman's generosity further?

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