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February 2012

  • Get a tax-deductible presence on the web

    A presence on the web is almost a necessity for most businesses, but setting one up and maintaining it can be expensive. Can you get a tax break for any of these costs?

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  • VAT-efficient promotions

    These days everyone is more price-conscious. Sales promotion schemes are a good way of enticing new business or keeping hold of existing customers. How can you make these schemes VAT efficient?

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  • Gift schemes for dodging IHT

    You want to give away some assets to save Inheritance Tax but you can't afford to lose the income they generate. If you transfer the asset but continue receiving the income the Taxman will treat the assets as yours. Is there a scheme that will give you the best of both worlds?

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  • Tax, travel and two places of work

    The Taxman allows directors and employees to claim a deduction for household expenses incurred while working from home. But he takes a tougher line on travelling expenses between your home office and your company's premises. In what circumstances can you make a claim for these?

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  • Obtaining a personal discount through your company

    Usually, you'll be taxed on a benefit-in-kind for anything you personally receive free of charge or at a cut price through your company. However, it's possible to negotiate a tax-free discount on services from one of your company's suppliers.

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