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January 2012

  • Amicable tax separation
    Dividing up assets when a marriage breaks down is never a pleasant task, and if a property is involved you might find yourself lumbered with an unexpected Capital Gains Tax bill. The good news is that with some simple planning you can usually avoid this.
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  • VAT-free staff rewards
    Making gifts to your staff to reward them for good work can mean having to account for VAT on these. However, there is an alternative way you can reward your employees that's entirely VAT-free.
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  • Snap up a tax bargain with your company car
    Car manufacturers are offering all sorts of incentives to attract buyers, for example free insurance and servicing. If your company purchased a car for you, how can you obtain a tax-free advantage from these perks?
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  • A tax break for getting qualified
    If you're looking to branch out and expand your business, it might mean you or your staff need more training and this can be expensive. The good news is that you might be entitled to a tax break to help with the cost.
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  • Tax deductible pocket money
    Getting your kids to clean your car might be a good way to make them earn their pocket money. But if you pay them to do a few odd jobs for your business instead, you might also get a tax advantage.
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