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December 2011

  • Company funding for your hobby

    The Taxman doesn't allow companies to claim for non-business expenses. But sponsoring you or a member of your family to pursue a hobby might just qualify for a tax deduction.

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  • A weekend tax break

    Business trips can be a hard chore, especially when you're on your own, but at least the costs are tax deductible for your company. However, with the right planning you can turn the chore into tax-free perk by tacking on a mini-break with your partner.

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  • Staff entertaining fringe benefits

    Offering hospitality at a football or rugby match can be a good incentive for your best customers and justifies the expense even though it isn't tax deductible. But taking a few staff along to keep the customers happy means your company can claim some extra tax relief.

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  • Capital allowances - something for nothing

    If you received a shiny new computer, phone or other equipment as a present for Christmas, it will have cost you nothing; better still, where you use it in your business you can get a tax deduction for it.

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  • Maintaining your kids

    The Taxman has rules for just about everything, including your children's savings. How can you use these to your advantage?

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