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October 2011

  • Small gains mean zero tax

    Where your company sells some land it owns, you would expect tax to be payable on any gain it makes from the deal. However, in some cases you can cut the tax out of the equation. How is this possible?

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  • Rent your holiday home instead

    You own a holiday home, worth around £250,000, which you use for several weeks per year. How can you continue to make use of the property but shift it out of your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes?

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  • Dodging VAT on management charges

    If you trade through more than one company, you can save tax by sharing the overheads through management charges. But you might need to account for VAT on these. How can you avoid it?

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  • Buying into a successful name

    You're considering buying a brand name from another business as a way to raise your company's profile and boost its sales. But did you know that you can claim a tax deduction for the cost?

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  • Tax relief for investing in your own business

    You're thinking of personally borrowing money to raise finance for your business. How can you structure this loan to make sure that you get a tax deduction for any interest you have to pay?

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