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September 2011

  • IHT saving - when less can be more

    If you want to give away shares in your company to reduce the value of your estate, you might easily land yourself or your beneficiaries with an Inheritance Tax problem. The key to avoiding this is choosing the optimum number of shares to transfer. But how do you know what this is?

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  • Contracted for VAT savings

    If your business employs contractors who recharge their expenses as part of their bill, you might end up footing the VAT on these without any chance of reclaiming it. What steps are required to ensure this doesn't happen?

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  • Tax break for company investors

    If you borrow money to invest in your company, the Taxman will allow you a deduction for the interest you pay on the loan. However, there are certain conditions in the small print. How can you make sure that you meet and maximise the amount of tax relief you can claim?

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  • Making tax-free gains in a poor housing market

    If you've found a new home but can't sell your old one, you could rent it out instead. But when you finally sell the property, hopefully at a healthy gain, the Taxman will want his cut of the profit you make. How can you reduce this using the special exemption for private residences?

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  • A guaranteed win at the races

    Ever thought of an alternative to the staff Christmas party? A day at the races might be just the ticket, but a classic trap is that any event which mixes business with pleasure can saddle you with a tax bill. What can you do to minimise this?

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