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June 2011

  • Not quite a dead loss

    As the stock market continues on its rollercoaster ride, is there anything the tax system can do to soften the blow of share losses without you having to dump your investment?

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  • Company shares tax incentive

    Keeping your top employees happy can greatly improve your company's chances of success. Offering them a stake in the business might do the trick, but what's the most tax effective way to do it?

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  • No National Insurance for the head of the company

    A senior director/shareholder of your company is looking for more tax efficient ways to get income from the business. One idea to reduce his wages and increase dividends; but this will affect the other shareholders. Is there a better alternative?

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  • VAT-free car servicing

    The Taxman is pretty strict about how much VAT your business can reclaim. Getting back VAT on personal expenses is usually out of the question, but the rules contain a loophole when it comes to car running costs.

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  • Winning with woodlands

    If you've ever considered investing in land, then woodland might well be worth a look. It  not only has a good track record, but comes complete with tax breaks.

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