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April 2011

  • Tax-free sick pay

    If an employee leaves after they've been off work sick and you've been paying them from your company Permanent Health Insurance, can you make future payouts from the policy tax-free?

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  • Register but then de-register

    You personally own a commercial property and are considering refurbishing it. However, you are not registered for VAT, so how can you get the VAT back on those costs?

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  • Avoiding tax on round sum allowances

    The Taxman uses the term "round sum allowance" to describe payments by employers to cover employees' and directors' unspecified expenses. He thinks these should always be taxed. But is he right?

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  • Directors' NI deferral plan

    Directors are generally taxed on their earnings in the same way as other employees, but from an NI perspective a different set of rules apply. Can these offer you the chance to defer payment?

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  • Tax breaks on business land and buildings

    Land and buildings can offer good returns in the long term, but how can you avoid handing over a share of the increase in value to the Taxman?

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