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March 2011

  • Dodging the extra NI

    In April this year NI contributions increase for both employers and employees. But there's now a tax scheme that you can put in place to reduce the impact.

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  • Claiming back more VAT on fees

    Fees for professional work, such as legal services, often include so-called disbursements. The VAT on these is sometimes hidden, but you can reclaim it; you just need to know how.

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  • Tax deduction for improving your property

    The Taxman makes a big deal of disallowing income or Corporation Tax deductions for the cost of improving your business premises. But there are arguments you can make to change his mind.

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  • It pays to take passengers

    Where your employees provide transport for their fellow workers on business trips, you can compensate them with a tax and NI-free payment at the Taxman’s approved Additional Passenger Rate. How can you take advantage of this?

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  • Tax-free property investment

    When your young ones finish school and go off to college or university not only might you have to find money to meet their tuition fees, but you’ll also have to pay for somewhere for them to live. A property investment may be the answer.

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