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January 2011

  • The tax-efficient way to share your home

    You've owned your own home for years, but is it time to change the way you and your partner own your property to dodge a potential Inheritance Tax bill?

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  • Small parcels of shares

    You want to hang on to a key employee and offering them shares in your company seems like a good way to buy their loyalty. But they'll have to pay tax on the deal. How can you keep this to a minimum?

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  • Crash course in tax deductions for cars

    In the recent ice and snow your car took an unintentional nosedive into a hedge. Fortunately, the damage wasn't too bad and as there were no other cars involved you've decided to pay for the repairs yourself. But can you get a full tax deduction for this?

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  • Lease get-out clause

    Your company needs to move but the lease on the current premises still has time to run. The landlord says he'll let you out of it if you pay him a lump sum. How can you maximise the tax deduction for this?

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  • Get kitted out tax-free

    Usually, where your company provides you or your employees with goods for personal use there's a tax and NI bill to go with it. But there's a useful exception when it comes to clothing.

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