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December 2010

  • Speed tax deductions for interest

    If you fund the purchase of equipment for your business using a finance deal, how can you calculate the interest to give you the maximum tax deduction in the shortest possible time?

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  • How to pay an IHT bill and save tax

    Finding the money to pay a big Inheritance Tax bill can be a problem. Paying an assurance premium to meet the cost is one solution, but there's another way which has the added bonus of being a tax-free investment.

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  • Tax subsidised Christmas shopping trip

    You're attending a big trade fair and your spouse fancies coming along to go last-minute Christmas shopping in the nearby town. What proportion of the costs can your company claim as a tax deduction?

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  • Creating your own Capital Gains Tax break

    If you don't use your full annual Capital Gains Tax exemption, it's lost forever. But in the current market generating capital gains can be difficult and unpredictable. However, second-hand endowments can provide an alternative.

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  • VAT-free property purchase

    Buying a commercial rental property can be a good investment, but it's a costly exercise and it could be made more expensive if the VATman gets involved. The good news is that there's a legitimate way you can keep him out of the equation. How is it done?

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