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November 2010

  • A VAT catch on legal fees

    Legal costs for businesses seem to go up and up each year, and to make things worse the Taxman has an aversion to you reclaiming the VAT. What can you do to maximise your chances of claiming it back?

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  • Fuelling a rise

    One of your employees has a long commute by car each day, and during a recent appraisal he asked you to pay for his petrol to and from the office instead of a pay rise. Can you turn his idea into a tax advantage?

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  • A tax break for paying off your landlord

    Your company is moving to bigger and better accommodation but the lease on the old premises has time to run and you need to pay off the landlord. What steps can you take to ensure a tax deduction for this?

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  • Special deal on antiques

    Your mother has inherited some valuable antiques, but her health is poor and you're worried that if she dies still owning them the Taxman will have a field day.  Is there any way she can pass them on to the next generation to avoid Inheritance Tax, but still keep them in her own home?

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  • Entrepreneurial payback

    You've been approached by a former colleague for a loan to help kick-start her new business venture. You could lend her the money and earn yourself a decent rate of interest, or is there a more tax-effective alternative?

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