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October 2010

  • Check that code

    In less than two months the Taxman starts working out PAYE tax codes for 2011/12. But based on his past record, nearly a third of these will be wrong. If yours is one of them, you'll want to get ahead of the long queue for corrections, so you'll need to check your code as soon as it arrives. What do you need to look out for?

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  • Dodging the property VAT trap

    If you're relocating your business, there's a great deal of red tape and expense to cope with, particularly if you're going to sell your current premises. Worse still, if you're not careful you could end up with an unexpected VAT bill. How can you avoid this?

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  • Getting the right tools for tax relief

    Whether you're a director or employee, if you use tools or equipment to do your job, it seems fair that you should be allowed a tax deduction for them. But the Taxman's rules on this are tight. So how can you squeeze through the gaps to get a tax saving?

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  • The key to tax-free payouts

    The Taxman thinks that keyman life assurance policies are an excellent idea, as when they pay out he adds the proceeds to your company's profit which hikes up the tax bill.  But there's an argument you can use to dodge this extra tax.

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  • Subsidiary savings

    Where you sell off your company's business and make a gain, the Taxman will want his cut. But there's a tax break which can mean that your company won't have to pay a penny to the Taxman. What is it?

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