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June 2010

  • Give the Taxman a sporting chance

    With football piquing everyone's interest at the moment, you're thinking about hiring a box at a football club to entertain customers. Will this just be an expensive perk or can you get the Taxman to chip in on the cost?

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  • The reversible IHT plan

    There's an in-built problem with tax planning: it's the Taxman, he doesn't always play ball. But when it comes to Inheritance Tax there's a "get out of jail" clause that means if the Taxman wins the argument, you can pretend the plan never existed.

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  • Give away the CGT bill too

    If you want to sell off part of your company, selling or even giving away some of your shares to someone else can land you with a Capital Gains Tax bill. But there is a way to achieve the same result without you having to pay a single penny.

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  • IT can increase your VAT claim

    Claiming back VAT on business fuel costs, especially where mileage allowances are involved, can be a fiddly, time-consuming task. The good news is your accounting software can probably do the job at the push of a button, but can you make this time-saving tool save you VAT as well?

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  • The tax-saving benefits of a home phone

    Getting the company to install and pay for your home phone sounds like a good plan. But no doubt the Taxman will have something to say about it. So how can you keep him happy while saving tax on your home phone bills?

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