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April 2010

  • VAT back on benefits
    VAT is usually only reclaimable on purchases you make for business use. So where your company has paid VAT in respect of something bought for private use by one of its directors or employees, can it claim this back?
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  • Joint IHT trouble
    The Taxman argues that joint bank accounts might cause problems with your Inheritance Tax planning. He could be right. So how can you dodge this particular tax trap?
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  • Too low to bother with NI?
    If you're planning to do some freelance work in your spare time, you may have to pay NI contributions on this as well as on your salary. What do you need to do to avoid paying over the odds?
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  • Dodging the pre-owned asset tax
    Increasingly, couples are buying property together before marriage. But the pre-owned asset tax rules can mean that there's a tax charge lurking in the background. What steps can you take to avoid it?
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  • Insured for tax relief
    It's bad enough having business assets damaged or stolen. If you can't recover all your costs under your insurance policy you may find that the Taxman is less than sympathetic to you claiming a tax deduction for them in your accounts. How can you make sure you get one?
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