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December 2009

  • Get yourself equipped
    You're going to play in a corporate golf event run by one of your big customers. But the weather isn't too reliable, so you're thinking that all-weather kit might be the order of the day. If you're going to "splash out", you might as well buy the best, and why not, given that you can ask the Taxman to foot some of the bill!
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  • A classic car tax saving
    Income tax on company cars increases inexorably each year. And it seems the only way to cut this cost is to keep replacing your car with one that produces lower CO2 emissions. But there's one class of car that bucks this trend; could you take advantage of this?
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  • Pushing the (loan) boundaries
    Taking an interest-free loan from your company is tax-free as long as it's for no more than £5,000. But at this time of year you might need a little extra cash, if only to tide you over for a while. So is there a way to borrow up to another £1,000 from the company without it causing a problem with the Taxman?
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  • Can a mortgage save you tax?
    Despite mortgage interest rates having been at record lows over the last few years, repayments remain the biggest drain on most people's financial resources. But in some situations there can be a tax benefit in owing money.
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