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November 2009

  • Waiving goodbye to tax
    Splitting your company's income with your spouse can be a tax-effective strategy. But to make the biggest tax savings you might need to vary the share of income from time to time. Using a dividend waiver could be the answer.
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  • Let's get together to save VAT
    Two or more companies in the same group can opt to share one VAT registration between them. This can cut down on administration, improve your cash flow, and even allow you to recover more VAT on overheads. What do you need to do to start taking advantage?
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  • An offshore tax boost
    Despite the Taxman's recent propaganda, not all offshore investments are just schemes to unfairly evade tax. So how can you take advantage by investing some of your cash outside the UK?
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  • A bonus from the Taxman
    Putting a bonus for yourself through the company's accounts can save Corporation Tax. Even better - you can skip paying the Taxman a penny of the PAYE due for the best part of a year. How's it done?
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