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October 2009

  • Making good use of old assets
    The life of many high-tech assets used in businesses these days can be quite short, but they may still be of some use to you personally. Is there a way get these out of the company and into your hands without the Taxman hitting you for tax?
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  • It's the little things that often count
    A gift, no matter how valuable, made out of income is immediately exempt from Inheritance Tax; you don't have to wait seven years. But who's to know that it came from income and not capital? What can be done to make sure you get the tax relief you're entitled to.
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  • Don't lose out twice
    Losing stock etc. to theft can really hurt your business. And the Taxman often takes the line that, no matter how unlucky you've been, it's not up to him to compensate you with tax relief. But the true official view is hidden away in his instructions, if you know where to look…
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  • Splitting the VAT
    Your spouse's business is doing rather well owing to its competitive pricing, which is partly down to not having to charge VAT. But it's now doing so well it will soon exceed the VAT registration threshold. What can be done to escape the VAT net?
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  • Where's the (tax-free) incentive in that?
    What's the best way to provide a little extra incentive for your employee? You could pay them a bonus, but then there's the PAYE system to contend with. You could instead offer them high street store vouchers, but this has similar tax consequences. So, is there anything you can offer that will escape the Taxman's attention?
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